Xbox wireless connection problems

    I have my sons Xbox in his bedroom but he can`t get an internet
    connection so i brought it downstairs closer to the router and it has connected straight away,obviously a problem with the router.
    Any suggestions?
    Do i need a better router?


    Are you french? if you are then... we can't help you, no one can.

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    Are you french? if you are then... we can't help you, no one can.

    No,i`m a Geordie!


    No,i`m a Geordie!

    Oooh ok... I would guess that its too far away to get a good connection. If it works when down stairs and it doesn't when far away then Its not your xbox/wireless network adapter.

    Have you thought about homeplugs?

    yeah I was gonna suggest homeplugs too - sounds like the ideal solution.

    I have a 4 port homeplug under my telly with my xbox and media center plugged into it.
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    there is no problem with the router, its the signal strength (environmental factor) within your house moving the router could help

    You could buy another router and set it up as a bridge to extend your wireless signal usaual get a one for around £20 on ebay

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    Thanks everyone for your ideas,i`ll look into them.

    I've got the max value homeplugs 85mbp. And I've had no problem witn my xbox so it's a way to go.

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    Anybody got any links to these homeplugs?

    Max Value 85 Mbps Home Plug Double Unit Pack
    Max Value

    > Larger image
    PPR: £41.99
    Price (incl. VAT): £41.99
    All prices include VAT. In stock
    Dispatched from and sold by
    Free delivery with Prime
    ............ You can get the 200mbp cheap aswell. But I've had no problem with these. You need 2 plugs this is why I've picked these. One for router one for xbox the if you want more just order. Sometimes cheeper ordering 2 than just 1 if you add them together. Glad to help.

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    I`m getting paid on the 15th of this month,anyone seen any good deals on these Homeplug things anywhere?

    a far cheaper option would be to buy a cheap router and use it as a repeater. Something like the tenda 150 from ebuyer.

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    Thanks all sorted out.
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