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hi i want to know if ihave a xbox with xbmc and a hard drive-can i put avi files on the hard drive and watch like that?

number 2: how do i put my own hard drive in is it easy?
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Installing a bigger drive is easy, I used Evox to self install everything required after swapping disc.

You might have to use an IRC channel to download the Evox image though but the above link tells you all you need to know.

Not sure about avi files but the Wii plays them straight off the sd card slot perfectly if you've got one.
You could use Xvid to convert any video then play those on the Xbox?
xbmc can play it direct
all you need to do is to put it in any folder which is easy for you to find and browse with xbmc
you can also share a folder from your pc, and easily browse using xbmc, I personally put shortcuts to my network folders
all these are explained in xbmc wiki
where can i place the files?
can i place them in my videos?
badactor-your link takes me to xboxscene.com do u have a tutorial for what i am looking for specifically?
the actual xbox is already softmodded just want to use the 80 gig and place it
I personally used some slightly different tools to unlock the hard drive.

Firstly, I used ConfigMagic to get the XBOX hard drive unlock key and also gain a copy of the eeprom.

Using the eeprom file, I generated a key for the new hard disk, which I then locked that with.

I don't know about the eVox method, but if it works it sounds a WHOLE lot easier

Have a look here:


There is a XBMC forum there, along with many other softmod / explot forums.

lol im stuck!
do u have a actual link to get to where i need plz?!
its already soft modded not sure which version but how do i unlock using evox method?

I'm afraid you are going to have to work your way through the guides in my link.
There isn't a straight answer to the question concerning your soft modded Xbox.

I must admit, I hard modded two Xboxes with the Xecuter chip a couple of years ago and both occasions I think I was just lucky I did not fry them or brick them.

I spent hours reading up on it from the internet before I attempted anything, not sure if the soft mod makes it any easier or is compatible with Evox.
With Slayers Evox you just swap the drive over, flash the mod chip bios then boot up on the Evox dvd. Make a few selections on the menu then it sets up and partitions everything automatically installing all the tools including XBMC.

Evox might not work with soft mod Xboxes and it's quite dated now so you would need to install a newer version of XBMC over the top in any case.

All the info is there, just a case of finding the right info for your particular case.

Good luck.:thumbsup:
thanks mate!
i am waiting for moonie i need to know ho to make a usb cable!
Here's the Slayers Evox site, might find some answers there?

Ooops scratch that, no softmod support according to the forums
il have a look but theres some rep added!

thanks mate!i am waiting for moonie i need to know ho to make a usb cable!

have you got the extension lead now with the female usb end on it??

if you have.

cut the other end off leaving the female usb ( the bit your pen fits into) and some wire. peel back the wire to reveal the seperate wires inside.

then get the end of a controller that you wil use, the part that plugs into the actual xbox. again cut of part of the other end and peel back to show the wires.

then basically peel back the casing on each and join the wires from each, they both have the same coulored wires, so red goes to red black goes to black white-white green to green. there is a fifth couloured one but you can leave that one.

let me know when you get to this stage and il talk you though the next part, formating the pen etc.
peel back the wire to reveal the seperate wires inside.
how do i do this?!
then get the end of a controller that you wil use, the part that plugs into the actual xbox. again cut of part of the other end and peel back to show the wires.?

i have the old xbox pads, it comes with a extension usb is that what i need to cut
ps ive added u on msn!

peel back the wire to reveal the seperate wires inside. how do i do this?!

you never changed a plug before? ? lol

use a knife, pliers, etc, make a small nic, peel back the plastic coating to reveal the 5 seperate wires.

the end of a controller.


the wires striped back and joined to the cable


the end outcome ( mines not pretty but it does the job perfect)
lol not changed a plug yet!
yep got the extension usb cable for the xbox `
cool il try doin that and give u a shout!
il be back later thanks mate
hi moonie u therE?!!
ive cut both wires etc, now in order for me to join the wires, should i peel back the wires so the cable is exposed?
yes. and wind the wire together from both so its joined.
ok then do i need to put sellotape?
the wires has been exposed, so i can see like a greyish speaker cable type thing thats right?!
yea tape them together, electrical tape be better though, but selotape wil do i guess..

yes that right, wind the wire together from the matching colours
il try finding some elec tape!
ive just emailed you the other files you wil need.

think you should have them all now, its been a while since i did it as i left my files on my usb pen so i just plug it in and do now.


there is a tut for step by step instructions on what to do.

just shout though if you get stuck somewhere..
im still trying to stick the wires together its taking ages!
do i actually need to tape them or would i be ok in just winding em up?!
just wind them together then stick the tape over the end so they dont touch each other
lol done that now are we on for next step>?
do i need usb view for linux or xp
i sent you the usb view today
cool now im on here:
.1: Find your gamesave exploit of your choice and unzip it. You should have two folders: the actual gamesave exploit that makes the xbox crash, and the Evolution X folder, or raincoat BIOS flasher folder, (if you're doing a TSOP flash), or the UDE intaller if your using the ltools UDE installer. I will show you ldot's ltools UDE/2 installer for Splinter Cell (because i use it). The same basic method applies, except the file and folder names may be different:
whats this?!
[SIZE=2]thats in the other file i sent you, nduires package. what game do you have to do the exploit? splinter cel i think you have said previosly[/SIZE]
yeh i have splinter cell
but i have no idea what to do
ive done the usb as action replay
right, if you have did all the stuf with the pen, formated it, use usbview to change the numbers etc. you now need to put the files onto the pen.

using action replay you put the files on to the pen.

of top of my head its 2 files, one is the game save the other the exploit.
oh right ok erm...
do i not need to open xbins?

oh right ok erm...do i not need to open xbins?

isnt xbins the irc place with the files, you should have all the files all reaady as i sent you them so shouldnt need xbins.
Oh right im kinda stuck now!
i dont know what im doing!
do u have msn?
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