Xbox360 3 rings of death, fixed with warranty from Microsoft

    Been offered the above, premium, is this okay to buy seeing as it had 3R's or should I avoid? Anything i should know about itcheck when buyingask?

    Will this make it cheaper? It comes with comes with all leads, 1 controller, xbox live headset, 1 month xbox live gold membership and 4 games, pro evo soccer 6, pro evo soccer 2008, tiger woods 08 and tomb raider legend. What kins of price should I be paying for this?

    Cheers for any infoadvice!


    Might be cheaper just to buy the console yourself,
    Or go for one of the virgin deals, (I GOT the elite virgin deal and its a great package for the price) OR, go through quidco to get some extra discount and price the whole deal yourself and see how much it would cost to buy brand new, an it even may be that you dont want those games!!!

    Its also recommended to get a new console with the falcon chipset and there are numerous ways of cecking from the psu being 175watss and the team being FDOU and higher than lot #735 I believe or something like that,

    Hope that helps,

    Pm me if you need any more advice

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    Ok thanks. I did do a swap on here for one but sold it via friends to someone who had a son who had been saving up to buy one for ages (naciders one). didnt get round to playing it and he bought it without the games - am a sucker for kids who have saved up birthday and xmas money to get things - so now have all these games and am keen to test them out although still not sure if I will have time to play it! Are games region specific on it?

    i Believe that they are region specific

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    Ok, another question now...If I just want one to play for games am I better just getting the arcade version? What is the benefit of the hard drive? Whats peoples thoughts on whether microsoft will bring out blue ray or not? And is so do they think it will be compatabile with the old xboxes, or will they just wait and bring out a new machine - super elite or something?!

    I think you'll probably want a HDD if only for downloading demos - I can't see a blueray being included in the near future. It looks like they are going with downloadable content instead where you downlaod a high res film onthe the HDD and watch it on that. If this does take off then you'd probably want the 120GB HDD anyway so I think the arcade pack is a good deal at the mo as long as you are aware that you'll want to add a HDD at some point.

    Especially that amazon arcade pack at £189 with GTA4 & Halo3 - best deal I've seen around here.

    Does anyone know if you can download stuff like the halo3 maps to the memory or does it require a HDD?


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    hey thanks for that - been offered package at top for £150, or a chipped premium one for £165 with falcon chipset etc, so will weigh up best of 3 options....Already have Halo 3 and about 8 or 9 other games through impulse buys etc...
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