Xbox360 Dead!

    Got back from work yesterday and jumped on my 360, was looking forward on playing rainbow six, but after 30 seconds into the game it froze with a frozen picture with artifacts, restarted and same thing happened - but this time no video display - then tried another 8 times but to no avail. Is it time to bury it? luckily ive got 3 year warranty as i bought on launch. Not really sure on how I can transfer my game saves on to a new 360, any ideas???


    If you're sending it to Microsoft for repair they will tell you to keep your hardrive, so you won't lose your game saves.
    Mine died after only 4 months with very little use. Sent it back to Boots for a full refund. Got a brand new one but unfortunatley lost my saved games.

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    no the store is replacing with a new - Ive got loads of saves, been playin on i for a year and half!

    You could buy another 360 system and then return your old one (but with the new Hard-drive) and get a refund.

    Then you'd be left with a new 360 and your games saves on your current HDD.

    ^ if they agree to a refund.

    64mb memory cards?

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    thanks, managed to exchange hard drive with a new one, just need to go back and give in the broken one for a full refund:thumbsup: !
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