xbox360 hd-dvd drive on pc

    ive read that you can use the hd dvd drive on pc to play films and using it to play hd rips from your hard drive.

    was wondering if any1 here has theres hooked up to there pc and how well it works etc


    im intrested in this info too.

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    i do know you need a gfx card capible of HD one that supports hdcp, i got one so thats not a problem, so might be worth getting one while there so cheap, and as they play rips from your hard drive could be worth th money

    what do you mean by hd rips?

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    ones you get thru torrent sites, rips of hd dvd's and full versions too, but the drive allows playback of them in HD

    the drive wont do anything towards playing the rips. Its the software that will be playing them.

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    yeah software is needed bu so is the drive. once its all setup you load the rips thru the drive in windows. so both are needed..

    i pretty much know how to get itt all running just wanna know some feedback on it, if its worth doing etc etc

    you dont need the drive. I dont know where you got the idea that you need a physical drive to load downloads.

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    i thought you need some kind of hd dvd rom to play them. if not how do i go about it then

    all you need if you plan on downloading them is the latest version of power dvd. The downloads are either an image file which you would need a virtual drive to load them or just files in a folder. The power dvd software does the rest.

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    ok thanks for the info gonna try it out.

    i read on another forum that the hd dvd rom is needed to do this kind of thing.

    may i ask have you tried it yourself or is it somthing you have read.

    also will this method work with blu-ray

    yeh it will be the same for blu-ray aswell as powerdvd plays both.

    i have the hddvd drive and i usually use it to rip hd films straight to my hard drive, this leaves a folder with the files in that i can play whenever i like with or without the drive attached.

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    ok thanks for the info you been a real help and saved me wasting money on a drive i didnt need
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