xbox360 hdd

    Hi everyone I bought a 20gb hdd of xbxo360, it shows only 13gb available, is this normal?


    Yes, 7GB is reserved for updates

    and formatted space

    you do lose about 6-7 gig on the 120 so i excpect the 20s the same

    Yep, afraid so... 8GB is used for backwards compatability and you lose some to the difference between manufacturers GB and marketing GB (1024MB vs 1000MB)

    The total capacity of the Xbox 360 Hard Drive is either 20 GB or 120 GB. Of this amount, approximately 6 GB is reserved for system use. Approximately 4 GB of that portion is reserved for game title caching and other hard drive-specific elements in games that support the hard drive, and an additional 2 GB is reserved for use by the Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility software.[17] This leaves users with almost 14 GB of free space on the 20GB HDD or 114 GB on the 120 GB HDD, to save game files, downloadable content and music, and other media. Depending on the market, the hard drive comes preloaded with content, such as videos and Live Arcade games or demos.

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    thanks for the info guys, love u all!

    gotta love swap files.
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