( xbox360 ) Is there any way of checking what firmware version i have?

    Is there any way of checking what firmware version i have ( xbox360 ) without having to hook it up to the pc

    I had it flashed around just under 2 year ago and wondered if it would be safe to go on live with it, im guessing it isnt


    Not from 2 years ago, no! You would need iXtreme on there now, but any backups you currently have may not work as they might not be stealth patched.

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    my mate did it me cos i dont have a clue but he cant do it me this time, is it easy to flash? im tempted to have a crack at it myself, its a samsung drive

    If it's a samsung, you'll need a specific VIA SATA controller chipset (VIA 6421 - google it and you'll see what's needed).

    It's not rocket science, but plenty of people have problems doing them for various reasons. If you do intend to do it, be warned: you'll need to 'read' your drive first to get ther DVD key information from it. If you miss this step, accidentally write over it or lose this information your Xbox 360 will not be able to play games from DVD any more.
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