Xbox360 Kinect=Anyone got one and used it? What do you think? Opinion wanted before buying.

    Thinking about getting this console...but want some reviews before taking the plunge as money is tight and dont want to waste it....anybody used one? Thanks.


    Get if only for…ol/


    Couple of people I know who have it (grown ups with no children) seem to love it.

    I have one, no kids and enjoy making a fool of myself... It's surprisingly really good.

    its a great piece of kit, i have played kinect adventures and kinect sports and really like them, much better than the Wii

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    Thanks guys for all the positive comments. I had a wii and sold it after 2 months as it was boring, the sensor was crap and I could get a strike on bowling standing backwards but couldnt forwards!! I am very tempted to get one, just worrying bout floor space.

    Haven't played it but I would want it just for the gesture commands for media playback.

    I took Kinect round to my parents house, they are in their late 40's, my brother and sister are 17. We took the Wii round a couple of months ago and everyone played around for about an hour and then switched it off. I had to drag Kinect away after 6 hours because I had work the next day and still they was trying to play just one more game of Kinect Sports. It's not going to please everyone but it brought my family together in a way I would never have thoughrt possible.

    I've heard you can get away with less space if you mount the kinect on top of the tv instead of under it - I think you have to buy a kit to do that though?

    I'm worried about space too, can you take it back if it doesn't work properly due to space - could just pretend it was faulty I guess?
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    I've heard you can get away with less space if you mount the kinect on … I've heard you can get away with less space if you mount the kinect on top of the tv instead of under it - I think you have to buy a kit to do that though?

    They suggest 6 feet off the ground, there is official kit or you can DIY it.

    Ordered mine from Littlewoods (Had a code and some reward cash, so it only came to £90 including cashback).

    Unfortunately still waiting for it ! 8th of December is estimated delivery.

    Everyone i’ve spoken to who has it loves it, so i'm looking forward to it arriving.
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    (_;)Its getting more and more appealing......we found our wii boring too. So we wanted something to bring grown ups and kids together and this seems the fun way to go. Nothing serious, just good fun with a bit of fitness thrown in for me for after indulging in all the lovely grub over xmas.....dont want to diet! Dont believe in diets...but would like to get fitter. So I think I will be getting one. Thank you everyone for your comments.

    Had a house party yday, it is quite fun played dance evolution, (DDR with poses)
    And kinetic adventures.
    Great fun! But my living room is a bit small. So had to result in 1 player. Better guidelines make sure u have room

    It's great kids love it, my wife loves it and therefore i love it.

    Kinect arrived this morning

    Delivery chap asked what was in the box, so i told him.. He replied..

    "I've got what seems like hundreds of these in my van, so have other drivers. It's crazy".

    Set it all up before i went to work, will have a go on it on my lunch break. If it's any good, may have to go buy Kinect Sports on my way home.

    Wow... Very good...

    Me and the wife have had great fun, also love controlling Sky Player with my voice.. "Xbox Pause.." nip and get a cup of tea.. As i walk in "Xbox play"...

    It has some weak points, those are mostly the software.. Some things on Sky Player in turns of how you use your hand to control things could be better.. But i'm really nit picking.

    Kids love it and they like it more than the Wii & as previous replies space is very important

    is the kinect on similiar lines to the ps2 eyetoy ?, (obviously more advanced than ps2 !)
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