XBOX360 MS Points - Cheapest Place To Buy?

    Hi All,

    I was looking on the MS Marketplace and noticed some DLC that I would like to download, but its going to cost 120 points.
    I have 20 points on there from ages ago, and i just really need 100 points.

    Anyone know where the best place and cheapest place I can buy points from?
    Also whats the lowest amout of points you can buy?

    Im a bit straped for cash and would like to spend as littile as possible.

    Thanks in advance



    Original Poster

    nobody? :'(

    Tried "Deal Requests"?

    I'm after some too ready for GTA IV DLC, you can buy physical points cards but only in 2100 around £16 and 4200 around £35.

    You can buy them off Xbox marketplace, 500 (£4.25), 1000 (£8.50), 2000 (£17), or 5000 (£42.50) I think.

    If there's one thing about Xbox 360/Microsoft I hate it's the poxy MS points required to buy DLC.

    I would rather pay more for the item than the annoying process of aquiring the points>>typing in the code>>get your DLC>>MS points left over.

    That's the one thing the PSN has got right.

    zavvii would e the best price if you could get the discount seem you only get if your lucky thou.

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    thanks for the replys, was looking on ebay but could only find 2000+ points, i only want about a 100 lol
    dont want to buy from ms, as it took over 2hrs of phone calls to try to get them to remove my credit card from my account.

    might pop to zavvi and see if i can find a good deal.

    thanks every1

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