xbox360 offical wireless wheel


    im looking for the official wireless wheel for the 360

    anyone know where i can get one nice and cheap


    Best I can see is at for £79.99

    (Includes Project Gotham Racing 3 Game)…e=0


    If you read some of the xbox forums there are lots of problems with the wheels being "off centre" so be careful if you get one off ebay etc

    The cheapest way I think you can get one is to get a Virgin credit card. When you buy something with the card you get a £20 voucher a few weeks later. If you use the voucher this brings the cost from £85 to £65. You get 10% off stuff online if you buy with your virgin cc so this brings it to £58.50. If you go through quidco you should also get an additional 3% back (I think) which brings it to around £57.....

    Don't forget you also get Quidco cashback with HMV/Powerplaydirect

    It may be better to wait until a Forza package is released but this could be several months.....

    cant you get the official wheel without the game

    Both my local Gamestations have them boxed, mint and preowned for 59.99, least that way you can return it easy enough if its not what you hoped for?
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