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    Can anyone help with this problem last night all my xbox360 would do was keep freezing my games when playing.
    Yet the night before the xbox was fine no problems.
    I don,t think its the games as i tried a few.
    Any ideas do i need to clean the lens? How


    It's probably over-heating, it was a sunny day yesterday after all. Had it been on long?

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    This happened At about 1 minute into the game at 9pm

    mines is starting to freeze more and more even just going thru the menu's like a 5 sec lagg. Any1 no why this is ?…ing :thumbsup:

    Looks like there's a lot of it about

    freezing is usually beginning of E74 issue, and is def down to over heating. If you are in warranty just ring M$ and say you have RROD and they will fix it for free.

    If you're out of warranty (i.e. 3 year extended for RROD) then get an x-clamp replacement kit from fleabay or pick the parts up at B&Q and DIY fix.

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    Do you think a cooling fan will help.


    Do you think a cooling fan will help.

    Nope, once the solder points begin to go the only way to resolve it is to re affix them, afterwards you can use a after market cooler to help prevent it again.

    It may prolong the life of the xbox a bit more but I would say at some point it will go.

    If it's in warranty just get it sent off. If not there are plenty of people who will fix it for you I'm sure.

    Only prob is the x-clamp fixes range from not working at all to working permanently for 12months + so if somebody fixed it I don't think you'll get much of a guarantee.

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    3 red lights now think we will just cut our losses and buy new:-(

    This happened to my partners xbox... games kept freezing then within a few days, the ring of death appeared (3 red lights) .... we phoned xbox and they took it away and fixed it..... Phone xbox and get them to repair it for you, and dont let them charge you for it... its a major problem with the xbox360s..... ours has just started to freeze games again so il be phoning them again now lol


    3 red lights now think we will just cut our losses and buy new:-(

    I wouldn't throw yours away just yet - This happened to mine last week. I got it fixed for £50 with a 3 month warranty from a local shop.

    Of course, if yours is still in warranty then MS will fix it for free.
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