xbox360 VGA lead?

    My brother got an xbox360 recently he has a advent 17" tft monitor/tv thing but it was having problems displaying pal60 and also the picture wasn't very good (probably because it wasn't at native res)

    I told him about the vga lead and he was a bit worried it wouldn't work very well
    so I lent him my VGA cable to try and it works great @ 1280x1024.

    He's now after one of his own and I was wandering what's the best deal to be had on one atm.

    Official one only please i've had so much trouble with unofficial stuff on other consoles in the past that its worth the extra couple quid to get the official one

    Best deal i've seen so far is £15 + quidco on…ble

    Anyone seen anything better or i'll probably be ordering one.


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    found this : wrong one sorry....

    Thanks but i'm really after the official one

    To many times have i had problems with 3rd party stuff on other consoles, pertucually joytech stuff.
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