Xbox360 - Wont Play AVI File

    Hi All,

    I have lots of AVI files in my shread folder (using Win XP) so far I can play any of these AVI files, but there is one AVI file my Xbox just wont play (xbox360 has the codec update thing) any ideas why it wont play? I get a Codec missing error, but its in the same format as any other video.

    Any ideas why I am unable to watch this file?

    Thanks to all that reply


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    avi is a container.

    er thanks? :?


    er thanks? :?


    ]AVI :thumbsup:

    ]How to play AVI? :thumbsup:

    You need to be connected to xbox live.

    an AVI is jsut a name files are giving the actual video inside could be encoded many different ways with different codecs, there is not 1 AVI codec that opens all AVi files
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