Xbox/PC Game Pass for Family.

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I have a bit of a dilemma and I can find no clear answers on the Microsoft site.

Currently my Oldest son has an Xbox and Game Pass Ultimate and I have Game pass for PC as I'm a PC Gamer. I'm relatively happy with the cost of this as I'm getting the PC pass for £3.99 and my sons sub is £10.99 and I don't think £15 is too shabby for what we get.

However, my youngest son is now getting an Xbox for his Xmas and will obviously be needing Gold/Game pass and I'm not really in a hurry to add another £11.99 onto my monthly bill if I can avoid it.

So, I cannot find a Family Pass of any kind and I'm a little unsure how sharing works. Can anyone offer some advice on the most cost effective way for my two sons to get Game Pass/Gold and me to have PC Game Pass?

I feel Microsoft has some work to do to make this clearer and easier for multiple users under one roof.

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Hi, best way would be for them to set up using the game sharing method.

Follow this guide…ne/
With two Xbox consoles and one PC, a single Game Pass Ultimate subscription would actually be all you need.

In this scenario your oldest son will be the owner of the subscription, and his console needs to be always online.

1. Your oldest son needs to log on to your youngest son's console and set it as Home console.
Anyone can now play on this console, even when it's not connected to the internet all the time.

2. On your PC, you need to log in to Windows with your Microsoft account. While you are logged in, your oldest son then needs to log in to the Microsoft Store app temporarily with his Xbox/Microsoft account.
And here is where is it gets weird. If the Microsoft Store app asks for a PIN/password when your son logs in, it is actually your PIN/password that needs to be entered. I think this is an obvious bug, but it's been like that for more than a year, so who knows?
(So for anyone else reading this, this is really only an option if you really trust the PC user since he will be able to access the other person's account!)

3. Your oldest son can log on to his own console.
Anyone else can also play on this console, while your oldest son is logged in with his Xbox account and the console has internet access.

In theory (I haven't tested this myself), the three of you would be able to play the same Play Anywhere title (for example Sea of Thieves or Forza Horizon 4) with each other online with a single Game Pass Ultimate subscription.
Interesting. Many thanks.
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