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    Besides Joystiq and Destructoid, which are the best gaming websites for the Xbox and PS3? I don't really know of many, but don't bother recommending IGN, Gamespot or something similar as I hate the layout and find them pretty difficult to browse.

    11 Comments is a great why for info and such

    I normally check [url][/url] every other day, it's a gaming blog that has little bits from lots of different websites.

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    ridgerama;6715645 is a great why for info and such

    Yeah I use avforums but not really what I'm after, just websites with the latest gaming news.

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    Thanks for N4G, looks good. Bookmarked.

    N4G is ace IGN always have some good features too.


    I use that


    Eurogamer. Also use NewsNow to see information pulled from a variety of sources.

    I use ]http//ww…com have done for years

    [url]www.1[/url] (remove the space)

    Hope these help :thumbsup:
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