Xcom2 players thread

    Xcom2 great game really fun.

    Has anybody on here picked it up? if so how far in are you and what have you found in terms of tips to help out others?

    Personally I just started my save again cause I got to the point where I needed better weapons and armour and I sort of advanced too far too early


    I got it about a week ago and absolutely love it, enemy within is one of my favourite games and I was so gutted when this released on pc as mine could barely run it. Very happy they decided to do a console release aswell, not very far into it but the best tip I found would be to research predator armour as early as possible

    I have a PS4 download code for the Resistance Warrior pack (extra customisation options for armour/face paints etc) if anyone wants it. I never got around to using it when I repelled those alien hordes.. they really weren't messing about with that final mission.

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    I love the news channel cutscenes it really makes the game more intense.

    Favorite one so far was when the resistance camp gets found first time and we have to go in and save all the people but just before that, that cutscene was so good

    I love the game but the one big criticism is its loading times that can range up to the 7 minute mark after a mission finishes. The early game on Commander Difficulty can be extremely difficult but after you've upgraded your squad with stronger weapons, the game becomes alot easier.

    Word of advice too, EMP grenades and Sectopods are a great combination.

    Didn't enjoy it.

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    Been playing today and my game wouldn't stop lagging and I don't know why but I had a mission that glitched out (Operation death king?)

    So eventually started a fresh save after losing to the aliens and now going to try be a bit smarter with my intel/resources
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