xerox monitors-any good -urgent !

Found 27th Aug 2007
Anyone know anything about these please? asap
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anyone-need to know by morning !!
Bump Up- Urgent !
They are good quality and invariably quite cheap these days.

Some of them feature high quality glass screens and look nice.

If you post a link to the one you're looking at then I can give you a better opinion of it. Our company has used them in the past and they`re good. Very minimalist.

Xerox are a good company, just overshadowed of late.

Without Xerox, there would be no modern Apple!
model is xerox XM722W - Dell E228WFP - Acer al2216wd- Asus MW221U or HANNSG HG216DP - Have to decide by tomorrow !
no-one want to answer monitor questions lately !? Someone else is after one and they got no replies either!
Surely someone out of all these thousands of members knows something helpful !!!!
What the kanester says about xerox is correct, their older glass fronted models looked great. More recently many models have a zero dead pixel warranty included from Xerox but not certain if this still applies or if it does to your monitor above. The Dell model you've mentioned is the cheaper 22", the Hannsg is also a budget monitor but reviews seem ok. Basically you'll get a cheapish 22" monitor for £150 and a better quality panel for £200+.

You've not really mentioned what the monitor is for - just dekstop use, video, gaming, photo editing etc, or said if you are using DVI or analogue and off what video card, or said where you are buying from, for example this thread of yours contains only the barest amount of information, yet you've been really pushy for answers. Please give a bit more info and don't bump when you are asking for help.
As i said -this is needed for tomorrow-or should i say today !!! Thats why i bumped it up -i am using a BORROWED monitor !!!
I said budget is £200 -£220 very max .
Yes i want dvi and vga. Using for a bit of photo editing, bit of gaming and browsing online.
I have a 8400gs graphics card with dvi /hdtv.

From reading reviews, the order I would choose would be:


But since I don't know what you're paying for each, I can't make a decision based on the price.

You would have got a quicker reply had you posted all the information up front, including prices, where you're getting them from etc. That way we'd have been able to check out reviews, take price into consideration and also take the vendor into consideration. e.g. if you're buying something from JL then you'd get 5 years warranty etc. Things like that are really helpful in getting folk to help you out.

If you could quickly pop that up, then I'll take some time out to have a look and let you know what I think [for all that's worth!].

I've never used a xerox monitor, But the old printer that was at work just kept running and running!, Did about 1 million prints and was still running!
Still got the use of this monitor so still looking for new one.
Dell 22 inch -cheapest i could find was £248 Scan
Xerox- around £240
Asus -£220 Play.com
HannsG- £182 at Misco + del - £189 play.com fre del.
Acer- £210 play.com
Anyone find these cheaper please-would be grateful -thanks.
Xerox seems to be under £200 delivered on ebay. Dell is much cheap at overclockers (pity!). Personally I think you are wrong to rule out the Samsungs, the 225 is under £200 delivered at ebuyer and the 226 is within your budget (seems cheapest at pixmania after discounts)- remember there are more reviews and articles about panel switches on the internet because these monitors were so well received\reviewed when they first came out. The alternative panels are a bit inferior in terms of colour etc but this can be easily calibrated using colour profiles etc.; they are still some of the best displays about in your budget IMO.
Hi Catwoman

Here's what I've found:

Specification-wise, they're all much of a muchness. The monitor with the best contrast ratio, is unbelievably, the Hanns G, with 1000:1. Following that, the Dell is the next best with 800:1. All the rest have 700:1.

Brightness, they appear to be identical.

Response time is a good 5ms with almost all of the them, except the Asus, which reports 2ms, although I don't know if they're measuring them all with the same yard-stick. At any rate 5ms is still plenty good.

Price-wise, I couldn't find much cheaper than you had found;

xerox XM722W ~ £240 on ebay, as you found.
Dell E228WFP ~ Overclockers UK do it for £222 delivered. Here's the link.


They're a good bunch of guys and I've always had good service from them.

Acer al2216wd - Couldn't find this model any cheaper, although amazon do the AL2216W, which doesn't have the digital adapter on it, so only has VGA input, which if you can live with will only set you back £164.99 delivered.

Asus MW221U - Couldn't find this any cheaper.

HANNSG HG216DP - Curiously, this has an HDMI input as well, so you can use it to connect up to PS3, or BluRay player etc, which is a nice extra, especially considering the price. And it would pair nicely with your video card.

So my revised shortlist would be as follows:

1. Dell - for reliability, display quality and finish.
2. Hanns G - for outrageously good feature set and cheap price, although it's uglier and certain Hanns G models have patchy build quality.

The Dell is around £60 more than the Hanns G, but £200 is alot of money to spend anyways, so I might err on the side of quality if I was spending that much, and go for the Dell.

If anyone here has one of these monitors then please comment.

Hope it helps.
Thats very helpful and greatly appreciated for your time and trouble. Have given you rep for all your help and advice.

Let us know how you get on and what you choose. Hope it doesn't turn out to be a duffer!
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