Xiaomi app/account... Address?

Posted 24th Nov
I've created an account and logged in on the app and website, tried to enter my address but they have wierd lines and a fixed "Area" section, which is sort of wrong really....

any ideas how to get round this?

I'm tagging in @MrSwitch since you are the font of all knowledge...
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From previous postings you really only have two options

Option 1, put your address and postcode all in capitals

Option 2, get it sent to a different address.

If I haven't answered your question, can you send a screen shot over?
I've just been fiddling around with the cell inputs and got it to look like a normal UK address I think...

Fill in Postcode in capitals
Ignore Floor/corridor
Fill in Entrance/building with my town
Fill in Number & Street name as normal
Let it auto select the Area...

It now shows

1 My Road, Town, Postcode, Area, England...

So hopefully will work.... No idea why they haven't fixed this for UK customers I've no idea....

Thanks for answering...
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