Xiaomi Bluetooth issues in car

Found 28th Mar
Hi all,

I've been running a Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3 for nearly two years and it was great, if a little laggy. Upgraded to a Redmi 4 Pro on MIUI 8.5 (now 9) and can't get the Bluetooth to work in-car when making calls.

A Google of the issue reveals lots of threads, but wanted to ask here as I know there are plenty of Xiaomi users on HUKD.

Essentially on starting a call via the car steering wheel (Kia Ceed) the Bluetooth disconnects and forces the call through the handset earpiece. If you then manually switch the phone to output to Bluetooth, then you can hear the call via the stereo again. Quality is poor though.

Receiving calls via Bluetooth works fine every time.

Playing music, skipping tracks etc. works fine.

I've tried clearing the Bluetooth cache, disabling contact sharing and enabling performance mode, but still no joy.

So...is anyone here affected too?

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Try a bluetooth app maybe.. Few years back there was lots of connection problems and apps helped.. Or did they... Anyway.. If its a known bug then your a little stuck
Thanks, I've played about a bit but nothing has worked. Flashed the latest xiaomi.EU weekly build and that exhibited the same issue.

However, I found an awesome Lineage 14.1 (Android 7.1 nougat) ROM on the XDA Developer website...flashed that and all is working perfectly

So...for anyone else suffering with Bluetooth car calling issues on MIUI...it's a bug in Xiaomi's OS.
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