Xiaomi Mi 6 Launched With Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 128GB Internal

    Hope this phone is for sale soon with B20 Band


    what the heck is it going to do with 6gb ram?

    No headphone jack = No buy


    what the heck is it going to do with 6gb ram?

    Help the Chinese government track you, obvs.

    Where did you read it has band 20? I'm feeling like your OP lacks a lot of info

    It also doesn't match up with gsmarena:…php

    hope it has a good camera for people posting deals on their daily walkabout.

    looks like a decent mobile for the price. Contains all the latest tech with snapdragon 835, adreno 540, Bluetooth 5, 12mp rear dual camera and 8mp front also has a quick charge 4.0 (some have reported a quick charge 3.0)

    looks nice. think I'll seriously look at one for the Mrs


    No headphone jack = No buy

    this, although the SQ via headphone in older xiaomi phones (apart from the mi note) was average.

    No UK network support though so a pretty bad phone imo.
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