Xiaomi mi robot vacuum with alexa

Found 8th Nov 2017
has anyone got this working with Alexa yet?
thank you
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Cleaning revolution. Not only can you get a vacuum cleaner that does the cleaning itself, you can get alexa to tell it to do so. Goodness knows what I'm going to get the maid to do now! I'm loving technology.
I've just set mine up and currently looking in to it.

This is the only solution so far


Means switching from Alexa UK which is a no goer from me.
Here's my experience:

I had to change my Amazon account to amazon.com.
I could then add the Xiaomi skill and Alexa could find my Robot Vacuum.
I could add "Start Robot Vacuum" as a Routine in Alexa, and it would work when I "ran the scene" from the App, but for some reason I couldn't use voice control.

1) Changing to amazon.com meant I lost all of my UK-based skills.
2) If I changed back to amazon.co.uk, I lost the Xiaomi skill.
3) I couldn't actually use voice control.

It feels like it's nearly there, but not quite. Hopefully Xiaomi will release this skill and Amazon will fix the Routine problem, but I won't hold my breath !
Has anyone had any luck getting this to work? Loving the vacuum!
mtyte18th Jan

Has anyone had any luck getting this to work? Loving the vacuum!

Agree vacuum performs superbly, I even operated it remotely while in Portugal on holiday .. It was around Christmas and the robot could "see" small parcels which had come through letterbox !
I can`t find any way of downloading the MI(Asia) skill from Amazon. Keeps saying I am in UK.. I have an Amazon.com account too, and it does the same. Need the Mi Asia skill, Singapore server set, for it to work.
How to get the Mi (Asia) skill download ?
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