Xiaomi mi6 or Oneplus 5T

Found 12th Dec 2017
I am between of these 2 phones. What should i choose?
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Easily one plus 5
It's a tie!
OnePlus 5T. My boyfriend has the OnePlus 2 and swears by it
OnePlus 5T all day long.
Mi6 for me
Is O2 the only (and cheapest) place to get a 5T?
Had both since wanted to review them, the op5 and mi6 was complete tie since the mi6 won for the display, the op5 won for the battery, now i have the op5t its a clear winner, the camera is soo much better and the screen gives a much better viewing experience. Dont forget with oneplus you get 2 years warranty, AND warranty won't be voided if you root. Xiaomis warranty is worthless since theyre in china
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Op charges faster too and has longer battery life, xiaomi looks better in my opinion. Main advantage xiaomi has is cheaper phone, since its about £150 cheaper. I ended up keeping my op 5t as my main device and sold my mi6, my deciding factor was having 2 years stable warranty direct with oneplus.i also love the alert slider and the ridiculously fast charger
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