Xiaomi Phone help £200ish UK

Posted 1st Jan
Looking for a new phone and quite liking the specs of the Xiaomis.

Have a £200ish budget, must be a local stockist - no imports.

I’m a photographer so having a decent camera in my pocket is important, with good low light capabilities too.

Leaning towards the redmi note 8 pro but been reading about its processor not as good as snapdragon or the ability to install something called gcam? So should I just opt for the note 8 and save the cash if the cameras are similar? (No need for 8t as NFC not a big deal).

Any other suggestions welcome.
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-Xiaomi Mi 9/ Xiaomi Mi 9T/ Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro - over £200 and needs importing
-Xiaomi Note 8 Pro - roughly £120 to £170 from Google search eBay. £190 Google search Amazon.
-Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T - £179 4GB/64GB mi.com/uk/…-t/ could get it cheaper with the app and Mi points/vouchers, maybe £169, 200 Mi points = £10 off.
-Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - from £119 3GB/32GB, £199 4GB/64GB, £179 4GB/128GB mi.com/uk/…-7/

You could also consider used Google Pixel phones 1/ 2/ 2XL/ 3a/ 3aXL/ 3 and Huawei P20 Pro.
I bought the mi 8 pro last year, love the phone but the camera isn’t all that great to be honest
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