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Found 6th Jun
Hi All,

Looking at the site over the last month or so there has been a huge increase in the number of Xiaomi phone deals. I'm a little confused on the naming convention and which ones are better specced etc

so a quick scan on the site:
Xiaomi Mi8 64GB
Xiaomi Redme Note 5
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Xiaomi Mi A1
Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s
Xiaomi Mi8 SE

can someone order these by high to low spec (i understand that within each model there are different ram, memory, and chip speeds), so that i can make an educated punt on which one best fulfils my requirements.
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There is no full list that im aware of that compares all the models spec side by side on one page and i doubt someone will suddenly make one here. I did make a post recently where i compared most of the 'redmi' series, see here

Above link is a good start as it shows most models and specs, but you have to click in and out
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thanks Sandy that link is quite useful
Buy the mi mix 2s. Oh boy do I want. Its the one with band 20 which is used
in UK by most if not all the networks. Mi8 is the latest but not quite as good,well that's what I think. Not sure what bands that has but I did see it mentioned in spec band 20. The rest hasn't much in it other than screen size and storage... 1st mix s2. 2nd Mi8se 3rd note 5 plus. 4th A1,then the rest are the same ish. Jmo. Although some say the Mi8 is better. Nothing much in it though
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