Xiaomi phones ? Recommendations. £200 spend

Found 31st Jan
Ok guys I am a Apple fan .
But my phone can be handed back to Apple next month . ( 7 plus )
Now I have heard tons of people on here rave about Xiaomi phones and how much spec and quality you get for your money .
So budget is upto £250 which is $300 as lots of the suppliers price in $ .
Any recommendations for a model as not very experienced with this brand .
I used the phone for YouTube and videos a lot so 5 inch screen minimum. 6 inch max .
Cheers guys
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3 different budgets !!!!
I meant £225 ( $300 ) .
great value phones only weakness is their cameras
Keep the 7 Plus
Don't swap a Ferrari for a grey import Toyota and expect reliability and performance.
Xboxgamer32125 m ago

Keep the 7 Plus

^^This. If keeping the phone is an option.
This is a bit off topic but I have been using the Maze Alpha for the past month and I am very impressed. It has a six inch screen and is rather heavy but that is down to the large battery which lasts me all day and I am a heavy user. The screen is absolutely fantastic, camera can be a bit tricky at times but if you are using it for videos then it is perfect. I bought it for £170 from Amazon and have to say, at the moment, it is looking like the best phone I have ever used.

How I see it, if it costs me £170 and breaks in 6-12 months then I will simply replace it! job done!
Yes I can keep the phone . But I have 3 choices after 11 months , keep the phone a further 13 months . Then the phone is mine . But it’s cost about £1100 total for the phone as my payments are £43ish to Apple with Apple care and £20 screen replacement . Or hand the phone back after 11 months ( next month ) and get 8 plus or X for about £48-£50 a month with Apple care and screen cover ect . Or I can hand the phone back and move on ! Now this Apple contract I for phone only . I pay sim only £18 to Voda for unlimited/unlimited and 20GB date .
So total monthly spend about £61 as I never go over allowance . That’s with full cover of phone .
Now when I look at all contracts for 8 plus and my plan , with cover it’s coming out at £68 a month .
But I fear what you guys are saying it will be like going from a Lamborghinit to a Ford .
But everyone takes the Mick out of Apple on here and recommends Xiaomi .
For the money, I can really vouch for the Redmi Plus 5. Amazing phone for about £150.
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You have the Xiaomi Mi A1 which is a true android phone, the only reason I haven't got it is the lack of NFC. I think this is in your budget.

You also have their latest flagship the Xiaomi Mi6 but I have heard the Miui OS/Bootloader (whatever you call it) is a pain in the bum. This is over budget.

I'm looking at an upgrade myself, currently looking at the Honor series, they seem quite appealing so you could give them a gander. Honor 9 Lite could be in your budget.
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But I fear what you guys are saying it will be like going from a Lamborghinit to a Ford .
But everyone takes the Mick out of Apple on here and recommends Xiaomi .

With Apple half your money is going on that logo on the back.
The Xiaomi MI A1 64GB is a cracking phone for the money £150-£160 from China at the moment.
It comes down to what OS you want really. If you're tied into the Apple ecosystem with lots of stuff on iTunes and you like the way your iPhone runs then stick with it.

A Xiaomi phone would be a step down in terms of quality, both in terms of build and things like the camera, but obviously it's a lot less money. Personally I wouldn't buy one as I like my iPhone far too much and everything else in the house runs on Apple so it's easier for me.
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