Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime locale question


    I finally got my Redmi 3s Prime phone but when choosing locale there is no UK or USA option? Does anyone know what I have to choose and which official update I need to download and install on the phone before using?

    I did have the link the version but for some reason that link no longer works so is this a bad version?

    The link below is the phone I purchased



    Falklands I have on Redmi note 3 international. My mate has mi max. He has the much newer version. He's always ahead of me?

    use Morocco

    I heard India is best for latest updates. My mates mi max is set to Thailand as he spends his holiday time there

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    Ok i managed to update to but there is still no UK region option? I set it to India for now but I thought this would fix it?

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    I'm set to Spain and received latest update 5 days ago, but beware if its not a major update as some of the smaller ones knockout band 20 (some uk networks) and you need to factory reset as i found to my cost in October
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