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Found 8th May 2017
Hi guys, can anyone recommend a case for a global version Xiaomi redmi note 4. (ideally a plastic case), I've had a look on aliexpress but there seems to be many versions. Any help would be most appreciated thanks

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If anyone has any links that would be awesome. Thanks
YHUISEN 2 In 1 Iron Armour Tough Style Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender PC+TPU Protective Hard Case With Stand [Shockproof Case] For Xiaomi Redmi Note https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LYZVKZV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_vQ7vEtrLpusfF

I bought myself one of these.
You need a case for the Note 4X, the Note 4 has different dimensions (and camera/fingerprint placement), unless it specifically says it's for the Snapdragon and/or Global version.

Safer to just get a 4X case though as it's the same dimensions.
Have you looked on xda forum. It's where I found cases and reviews, plus links for my redmi note 3
As dcx says, you want the Note 4X case for the global note 4,
Have a look on AliExpress there are alot of cases for the 4X.

I ordered the Ipaky case a few days from Here, and should arrive in about two weeks from now
I've bought 2 from banggood, m.banggood.com/MOF…ail and
or these might be more what your after. m.banggood.com/UCA…rch
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