Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 issues

Found 21st Jul
Help please.

1) my phone has not allowed me to be heard on phone calls for a couple of months yet. The microphone is working. WhatsApp video calls work. But if I call someone or someone calls me, I can't be heard. I've downloaded Soundabout app as recommended by some YouTube videos re this issue but no joy.

2) now also struggling to upload photos from phone to PC. Windows 10. Have done the thing where I become a developer of phone, developer options on, USB debugging on. Plug in phone with USB cable that seems to be fine. Gives me USB charging options tab, pick transfer photos, then just seems to recurrently disconnect over and over. Same thing happens on my other laptop and on different USB ports. The same USB cable doesn't seem to cause any issues when just plugged in charging, he doesn't recurrently disconnect with that

Help would be greatly appreciated.
Community Updates
Factory reset.
Factory reset or do a hard reset which is the next level. If you have a xiaomi account and back up launcher and apps it's makes things easy
Make sure you back up photos before factory reset.
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