Xiaomi Redmi note 4 vs Redmi 4

    I'd like to order a new mobile phone and I am torn between the 2...

    I prefer the design of the 4 so the 3 series is out of the question so it comes down to performance (bang-for-buck) I understand that the Note 4 is Helio and the Redmi 4 is snapdragon (I know snapdragon is better)

    I don't want to wait for the Note 4 snapdragon as it may be quite some time and quite a bit extra.

    What do you think?…263


    Well what size do you want? The Redmi note 4 is 5.5 inch and the Redmi 4 only 5
    Also, what price can you get both of them for?

    I'm not sure how processors compare too much in the smartphone world, but i am guessing that the Mediatek one might be better than the lower end Snapdragon in that Redmi but don't take my word for it.

    Mediatek is generally buggy junk, worse battery, less stable, and will get less support/updates. Redmi 4 Snapdragon is a much better option.

    Mediatek generally throw as many poor cores as it as they can to try and make up for it's issues.

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    Thank you for your advice

    someone i know has the note 4 and has said performance is fine.

    but in general you're right, snapdragon chipsets (as long as you're comparing similar such as mid range to mid range) will perform a bit better.

    one thing which is in the snapdragons favour as well is they are normally better supported in the community for custom roms etc.

    even if roms isnt your thing i think its useful to know it is supported a bit more and if there is software issues you could turn to them for advice.

    i upgraded the gf from my old nexus 5 to the redmi 3, which although the screen wasnt as good, everything else she has been very happy with.

    i have gone for the note 3, as it has full 4g support.

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    I went Note 3 pro because when the new 4 note pro snapdragon is released my partner will take this one off me.
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