Xiaomi scales , anyone recommend a seller?

Found 28th May 2015
seen a few varying chinese sites and varying prices.
around £15 seems a great price but wary of the sellers , some Uk ones are closer to £50
Anyone ordered any or have any further info?



Xiaomi are a good Chinese company. But their more like a licence where they sell goes under that label.

Recent item from them was a Yi camera which is a £50 gopro clone which has a lot of heat due to how good it is for the cost.

I'd say look into reviews online and check banggood.com,geek buy etc, but it'll be shipped from China so 2 or so weeks delivery.

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Thanks for that link and it's a great price.
Just am a bit wary of some of the Chinese sellers

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Also I think I'll wait and see what the reviews say in a few weeks. If it's anything as good as the phone and band I'll be buying one

Anyone used geekbuying before please?
Just searched on here, not glowing reports from a couple of years back...
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Waiting to see reviews but very impressed with the fit band, would he be great if the scales linked and worked well

I'm after the scales aswel. Found them cheapest from geekbuying at £18 all in but I'm not happy with the store reviews. Gearbest charge £24 all in, I've used gearbest once before no problem. My worry is the scales could brake on route.
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