Xiaomi Smartphone warranty when buying from Europe EU (Amazon or PSK Megastore etc)

Posted 8th Jun 2020
Hi folks,

I'm looking to buy a Xiaomi handset and I've seen some good prices on European Amazon (third party sellers) and sites like PSK Megastore (a UK website which imports from Italy).

When I ask these sellers about a warranty, they say yes, Xiaomi provides a 2 year warranty. However, I had a look a Xiaomi's warranty info and it suggests that warranties are not supported when the seller isn't an authorised one. But, I can't find any info on who is authorised. It also says they provide warranties for countries they sell Xiaomi products in (eg Italy).

I'm avoiding buying from China or eBay because of the assumption that I'll have no warranty (is that correct??) but can anyone shed any light on whether a Xiaomi warranty is valid if buying from a company in the EU? Is there some EU law about this?
I saw on another discussion on here that someone purchased from PSK Megastore and successfuly registered their warranty, but there was no info on the manufacturer.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and knowledge!
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