Xiaomi Vacuum - Killed by GDPR

Posted 24th May 2018
Hi Guys,

Just a quick warning, don't update to the latest firmware for your Xiaomi Roborock 2, I have done and it has now killed its functionality in the app due to GDPR.

Ive not been able to find a work around for it yet, even setting your location to mainland China (as it was before) doesn't work, you just get a lovely pop up telling you that to protect your Privacy change your server (words to that effect).

If anyone knows a work around let me know!

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Change your server
MadeDixonsCry30 m ago

Change your server

dont be silly - hes tried that

move to china
Dustpan and brush ?
Don't have the product but there's a German forum which recommends to switch to either Singapore or US server.
You may need to switch back and forth several times but it should work eventually
Mine won't work on any server except the one I first registered with, the Singapore one.

I've had it on the US server but functionality back then was dire, so I kept going back to the Singapore one.

I think from how the message reads, the product is registered to a particular server and therefore it must remain against that server for it to work. I do know when I asked Xiaomi a simple question once, they realised I'm from the UK and basically said "you shouldn't have been sold this because we don't sell to the UK, so go back to the retailer for support".
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