Xiaomi with a decent camera?

Found 23rd Jan
so right now I have a samsung note 4 (worst phone ever) I need a new budget phone before this one totally dies, my son has the xiaomi redmi note 5a and although I like his phone the camera quality doesn't seem great, does anyone own a xiaomi that has a decent camera or are they all roughly the same quality, basically I need a phone under £200 with a decent camera and a large screen
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All xiaomi cameras are good outside. Not great inside though. You need lots of light.. I have a redmi note 3 and it's fine. Love everything about it so I put up with the camera being a little naff inside.. It's only stuff outside the flash range that's poor.. A recent concert I attended and took pictures of stage turned out terrible. Oh well. Not a deal breaker for me as don't think I'll ever look at those snaps or bother printing. A stately home and gardens in summer and sea side holiday snaps are great though.
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