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    I've thought and thought about (and even pondered) this xkcd comic and after lots of different ideas, I still don't even know if it's happy or sad/dark. So I was wondering if some of the wonderful people here can give their insight. Link in the first post Thanks!


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    Falling Asleep

    Edit: sorry took a while to work out how to add links, was trying to add an image at first
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    Sorry I don't get it I've seen the movie but I don't get how the picture relates

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    id say very dark lol

    have you seen the oatmeal ? another quality comic

    reminds me of

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    I'd say it's dark too because in the last frame it looks like he's trying to be as far away from her as possible but I still don't understand it
    Having said that you could also interpret the words as, I need to sleep next to you in order to dream which is a positive thing? And the alt-text is just as confusing "Sweey unintersecting dreams!", confused

    Never heard of the oatmeal before, I'll have a quick check now
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