Found 4th Dec 2017
Hello, has anyone heard or brought from xkhot.com?
Thanks in advance
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According to Whois.com website registered 27/11/17.
Avoid like the plague
Oh no, i bought from them earlier :-(
None of the links at the bottom iof their page work. Might be able to email themservice@zuhot.com, but I suspect that won't work.
Kirsty_Torbett-10326124432 h, 13 m ago

Oh no, i bought from them earlier :-(

How did you pay for the goods?
Contact your credit card company now and see if you cancel the payment
I paid by debit card, i went straight into the bank last night, but nothing was pending from the site or had been taken out. So they couldn't do anything.
Has your Bank put a notice on your account to decline the transaction if and when it comes in?
No, they said they couldn't do anything as it wasn't in the pending list.

I'm back in on Saturday to see them!
Your bank should be able to put a notice on your account for when the transaction comes in. My concern is what happens if they pay out between now and Saturday! In Banking terms that's a long time.
Go back in and ask to talk to the manager, and give them notice to decline the transaction in writing. Once your account's been debited that's it
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Will do thank you. I'll get it written just now.
This site is definitely fake has no padlock and only has 10 products for sale and at ridiculous prices the luvabella doll is 100 pounds retail price yet this site says that it is 99.95 the retail price is 100 pounds minimum could be sold at more at retailers discretion

The payment still hadn't been taken from my account and still processing on the website but the bank have put a stop on my account for money coming out from xkhot.

I'll be keeping an eye on my account as well.

Thanks for asking.
Let's hope you've had a lucky escape
Barclays said they couldnt do anything until the monet gone put from pending . Plus they said i had to wait 15 days to make sure it does not arrive. I asked them.to put a stop to the pending smdebit which they took out 69 . Please dont buy off them ive had to cancel all my cards just in case
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