If anybody can let me know if there are any good quality and cheap xmas crackers out there, (as we have posh relatives comming over, and don't want those cheap and nasty gifts)
    please let me know, I know M&S age good but they are £15.


    Why don't you put your own gifts in the crackers!


    Why don't you put your own gifts in the crackers!

    I usually put Christmas Lottery tickets or scratchcards in ours!

    Sainsbury's are goodens

    I think the cheap prizes are fun and bit kitsch , you never know they may like them , I got some in Aldi £3.49 , and I hope they have the usual jumping frog, little puzzle and fish that tell your mood lol

    I have a personality fish thing in my dining room, we play with it surprisingly frequently lol actually, I have the jumping frogs in the fruit bowl, the kids love hopping them in while choosing fruit.

    I like to have crackers that look nice and have something in them that you may want to keep, I do spend quite a bit of time each year researching trying to find a cracker that meets my approval - much to the amusement of my family If you have a House of Fraser near you take a look at these…tml they have been reduced down from £25 to £12.50 for a pack of £10, they do have other styles as well.


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    Make your own? Intend to find the stuff in crackers gets left on the tables and binned so this year I have done scratch cards and chocolates

    This Morning (itv) made a segment on crackers which you should watch (itv player) from cheap to expensive might have been last Wednesday or Thursday. I think it might help.

    I had another couple of thoughts of some others I had seen, check out Debenhams they have them for just £10 in different styles for a pack of 12 - not sure how many guests you have (you can always save some over for next year ) I have picked out the Luxury Christmas Tree design ones for showing you but they have a choice of over a dozen different styles at that price so hopefully you will find one you like:…_-1



    Another idea is you can always buy some cheaper crackers that look nice and carefully open one end and just replace the contents with something a bit nicer, depends who you are catering for really as what to put in them so you could put in some small chocolates (Thorntons perhaps or Ferroro Rocher) small bottles of hand cream, lips balms,perfume - sample size, key rings, nail clippers, little bottles of drinks, pens, egg cups, earrings - anything small enough to fit in a cracker! You can get creative on this one and as it's people you know you will have an idea of what to pop in.

    You may have some bits and pieces at home you could use already for this or you could try shops such and Poundland the 99p shop, Superdrug etc. Keep a look out for any small items that our being reduced.

    When you are putting the gift in the cracker think about the presentation - for instance would it look better if the gift was in a little bit of tissue paper or have a little cellophane round it - the presentation can make a difference.

    Hope that helps - whatever you decide to do hope you have a nice Christmas

    I buy luxury looking crackers and then inside i put a xmas cracker scratch card and a small lindt teddy this year - last year i put in the cadburys popping candy choc elves
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