Xmas Goody Bags

    Hi, I was sorting through my emails and came across an order I had placed back in November for some xmas goody bags from a company called Robell Media Promotions it was put on here as a deal. Did anyone place an order and receive it?


    I'd get in contact with them if I were you and get my cash back asap....

    Their credit/stability rating puts their coats on a shakey peg... ]Report Here

    Yep, I ordered three and got them all.
    There were people asking what had happened to theirs two or three weeks after others had had theirs.
    I have no idea what the final outcome was.
    There was a post on here a little while before Christmas.

    What Steven has just said rings a bell also. I think someone mentioned that in the thread that was here before Christmas but I can't be too sure on that.

    If it's any consolation, the goody bags weren't fantastic value for money.

    I got mine on the 24th but my friend who ordered after me got them earlier. I think mine were weel worth it. Around 4 books, light up pens, cards, posters, toys etc. Phone them in case they ran out. It's through the Telegraph and are legit.

    got mine too

    i got one-not worth the £40 it said-but worth much more than the £3.99 they cost.

    Check if they took the money, as the money only went out of my account the week i got mine-not when i ordered them-so i suppose they may have done them n batches and took the money as they sent them out-ie.if they didn't send it they mght not have taken the money.

    i got mine as well

    Here is the original link…041
    I got mine and was reasonably happy with it. Definately not worth £40 but OK for £4.

    i received mine as well

    Ordered mine on the 3rd November and they took instant payment, phoned them several times asking where order was and it got to 23rd December and I demanded a refund but am still waiting for a refund, the way they dealt with the orders was disgusting, no communication (not even an order confirmation email).

    got mine x2 - not worth the money - just cos a book has £3.99 printed on the back doesn't mean it's worth £3.99.

    I got mine christmas eve, Wish I hadn't bothered, Dont feel they were even worth the postage paid!

    still waiting for my one

    i got mine xmas eve and the kids loved them, not worth much but for 4 it was fine!
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