Xmas presents for a man that doesn't need anything ??

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I'm hoping some of the guys on here can help me , what can I get for my partner that has ' everything 'and doesn't want anything.... he's into fitness and cars so maybe some cool gadgets I could buy??

Any suggestions are much appreciated 😊
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Voucher for Halfords , Love 2 Shop or similar placed inside a Xmas card . I know its not very "Christmassy " but would be appreciated I'm sure .
What guy that’s trains wouldn’t want protein ? Easy
I'm quite awkward to buy for so I'm told, as if I want something I tend to buy it myself. However my other half has bought me a dashcam which I'm very appreciative of. Other than that smellies are always good. Gadgets can be tricky as blokes have very specific ideas as to what they want.
a box to put it all in 😁
What are his toenails like? A pedicure would probably benefit you both.
always difficult when this happens as you end up wasting money on something they don't need or even don't want. if he drinks, a drink he really likes, or if he likes a particular food/sweet then that. you can never say no to good food or drink, you can never have enough.

failing everything, just get him something unexpected, like a bunch of roses or a big bouquet of flowers
A security alarm
To be totally honest ... That description fits me down to a T .... A lot of people, these days, have "everything" they need and can afford to buy things NOW instead of a few years ago, having to wait until funds were spare ..... The one thing you can give him, which he can't buy, is YOUR time ... pamper him, treat him to a bath, dress up for him (doesn't matter what shape/size/gravel rash on your nipples/a wok from having babies etc etc, you are) he'll love you for it, ... I hope you get the message
I had the same dilemma last year, bought him a desk tidy from John Lewis. Sounds naff but if you look at the photos he can put his watch, phone,spare change etc on it. Hubby has his by the side of his bed and uses it daily and never loses stuff now
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Tickets to the next Pet Shop Boys concert ;-)
He's said he doesn't want anything, so why are you bothering?
Experience days are worth a look , if you don't get quite the right one then most will let him exchange it . Husband did a hovercraft riding one and a car related one. Or book a short break for you both, bit cheeky cause you get to benefit as well but I've also done that before. My husband is a bit of a fitness geek and doesn't go in for lots of possessions that he doesn't need, for him a pair of the only type of trainers he uses to go running are always appreciated as he has about 4 pairs on the go at any given time and they aren't cheap.
iPhone X
Apple Watch series 3
ipad Pro
adidas uncaged trainers
apple AirPods
he sounds like he’s got style so no android devices have been recommended
I have silver hot chocolate to trade for something I don' have already 😊
the.porter12 m ago

he sounds like he’s got style so no android devices have been recommended ; …he sounds like he’s got style so no android devices have been recommended

Porsche Driving Experience Day at their dedicated facility at Silverstone, with Lunch thrown in. A really classy day out.
If he likes a novelty, these are somewhere between funny, luxurious and cool... shapify.me
my mum got me a for gt40 track day out for my 30th via red letter days.

would have loved ro have driven the knight rider car though!!
If he doesn' t need anything I would take him for a meal or a night away rather than buy something he won't want
I got my other half one of these books the other year.


He loved it because it was personalised to him. Might be worth a look? Not sure about Christmas delivery times though.
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