K I dont know if this is kool to ask hear or not but hear goes anyways im looking for a lil help in the xmas present buying area,im wanting ideas abouts what to buy a lil 4 year old girl for xmas?any1 got any ideas what your average 4 year old girls into these days?ive already got a few things but I just wanna bulk it up a bit more,any help would be much appreciated thanx.


Dolls, toys, pink things!
Anything cuddly.
Some bits and bobs like hair accessories from Claire's Accessories.


Things I've bought my niece that she loved. -

Roller boots - And all the pads.

Keyboard - With a wee mic thing that you can sing through.

Guitar - Actually 2. A "toy" one that you press buttons and it makes sounds, and a real one, small size.

Maraccas - Big massive things with ballbearings I think in them, they were soooo loud!

Barbie Bike - Pink

Garden Swing

Loads of Barbie clothes. Most recently a long pink Barbie jacket that she wants to wear everyday!

Colouring pens and books. And also "real" books.

My advice. Pink things, Barbie things, and something that taps in to their little spirit, like musical instruments, books, paints etc. Stuff that lets them express themselves :thumbsup:

my girl is four and she is into anything connected with barbie or bratz, and she loves soft toys, hope this helps:-D


baking kits are lovely gifts, either the ones from the supermarket, or marks have a fairy cake baking kit with every thing included

these are fun activites as well with some yummy treats after


there's Bratz less than half price in Argos 383/0394 £3.89 was £10

My daughter is 4 in February and loves Disney Princess, High School Musical, any dressing up clothes is a safe bet. Basically as above, anything pink and sparkly she will love and anything from the Disney Store, my daughter would buy the whole place if she could and they've got free delivery on at the moment.

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K thanx every1 ill get a good few ideas from everything thats been suggested,its much appreciated.

Look at wheelybugs, my daughter loves hers and so does her 7yr old sister, they've both got one and they are the most played with toys.
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