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Found 22nd Oct 2008

I am confused about something. I was going to get my boyfriend an ipod for crimbo as he is still using a tape player!! He has now explained the reason for this is that he listens to the football on AM/MW. So I want to get him a personal radio type thing with this frequency on so he doesnt have to carry the hideous tape player around in his coat pocket! When looking at the DAB radios, it doesnt say anything about AM or MW being on there, but should all DAB radios automatically have this on them? Im confused! If they dont, does anyone know where I can get one of these radios from and how much its going to cost me?



It's worth checking what the DAB signal is like in your area. digitalradionow.com/sta…php

If there is little to no signal then i'm afraid he will have to stick to the nasty fm radio

my dab radio has fm but no am

you might have to find a expensive radio to have both

the cheap dab radio's only come with fm as they are cheaper to make and more people want fm than am

a lot of the sports channels have dab now. talksport and bbc radio 5 live and on dab so ask him what channel he listens to .......

I'm pretty sure they don't do portable DAB radio's with AM. I know you can get FM/DAB radio's.

My mate has one of these and he loves it!


It is a Oasis, Pure DAB (I also have a Pure but a different model and highly recommend the brand) and the sound quality is very good. Also this model is portable but rather than having to keep putting in new batteries you recharge the battery pack system.

It also is compatable with Ipods so you can run these through it too which is a real bonus.

Water proof and quite robust, it can be taken out and about safely. Check out the full specs.

I have only added the John Lewis link because I know that they sell them but you may be able to get one cheaper elsewhere. :thumbsup:

Good luck!

you can now also get in car dab radio for about £70 curry's stock them, forgot name tho
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