Xmas tree bulbs blow

    Would you adam and eve it, came home just now after being at the old dears and every single bulb on my xmas tree has a brown blown mark inside it.

    Sheeesh, ill have to go to Argos and get a new set in the morning now, have to have lights on for new year :santa:


    If all the bulbs have brown [burn] marks in them, that doesn't sound too good. Are you sure it's not just one bulb that's blown and the rest are just discoloured from where they've been on anyway?

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    No ray every single bulb has the scorched mark inside

    Sorry Saxo but I don't think it's possible for every bulb to be blown. Once one bulb blows it breaks the circuit and stops the current from getting to the other bulbs.

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    hhmmm every single one has a scortch mark inside the bulb but there still looks like a contact between the 2 metal prongs which i would have thought to be a gap if it was blown,

    Ill have to hunt for the one that is blown then or the main fuse could have went

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    what happened to all your green boxes dino, you been handing them out lol
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