Xoom or IPad 2

    Which one would you have?


    xoom by a county mile... infact make that 10 country miles.

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    Thats what i am thinking....The Flash tips it....

    battery life imo ruins it, until an android gets around 6 hours or more battery then ill consider getting one.
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    iPad 2 for … iPad 2 for me[url=][/url]

    ipad2 is so pretty.
    Yes, I am a girl.


    xoom by a county mile... infact make that 10 country miles.

    This ^^^^

    test xoom out, people are saying its slow. spec wise... xoom seems better and can put in microSD
    Not sure if the firmware is out which allows microsd useage.

    Hope they release tomtom for android.. paid for it for the iphone.

    I'd prefer the xoom.
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    This ^^^^


    iPad2 is for girls (allegedly)


    just looking at the xoom

    iPad 2 without a doubt!

    I'm no apple fanboy either - have a Wave, Galaxy S and 3GS owner... and ONLY use windows PC's!
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    Ergh Motorola and Apple products. *Runs away*

    i have windows pc and a imac
    iphone and
    just ordred an ipad 2
    tried the advent vega in currys yesterday didnt like it at all
    felt father werid and strange
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