xp install going wrong, tech help

    So im re-installing xp for someone whos pc was overun with viruses and spyware, did the usual format and tried to install xp, goes thru the copying files bit ok, then restarts as usual...then get on the screen 'Windows could not start bacause the following file is missing or corrupt.....

    Checked google , doesnt seem to be the answers im looking for from a fresh install though, all saying how to replace the file as if there is an operating system already installed, which there isnt here.....

    Any ideas anyone


    did you do a quick format or a full format? I've had problems before with the quick format option.

    use a different XP disc or sounds strange I know but I had a problem PC recently which would just not install XP whatever I did, random errors in various point of the install.

    Anywho I removed and reseated the RAM and voila sorted!! Dust issue it seems...worth a try though.

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    did you do a quick format or a full format? I've had problems before with … did you do a quick format or a full format? I've had problems before with the quick format option.

    just a quicky as usual, hmm will try a full one now

    Check the xp disk to make sure the cd is clean,marks & scratches can do funny things, I've came across before and that the way I fixed it

    First, try system restore if you have been periodically saving good installs.
    Usually, you can boot to your windows CD, and run Windows XP in repair mode... but this could be malware as well.
    The computer believed that this file is corrupt: C:\WINNT\System32\Ntoskrnl.exe
    This is often caused by a bad hard drive that is beginning to fail. On some computers it is caused by a defective keyboard. But it can come from any set of corrupted files. Some times it is the boot.ini file

    But the problem can be more complicated if your computer came with a Recovery or Restore disc instead of a Windows XP install disc. If that is the case, you are better off reformatting and reinstalling Windows after you save the data... for which you will require a separate disc.
    Using a regular Windows XP dis, you boot to the disc, then press the R for repair to enter the repair or recovery console.
    Select the operating system, then enter your admin password.
    Type: Expand d:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_ C:\Windows\System32.
    You should get a prompt asking you if you want to Overwrite the File.
    You should enter Y for yes, the press to Overwrite.
    If that works, you are probably home free.
    To know for sure, shut down the computer, then run a cold boot with the button.
    If it starts, correctly, then you are done. And lucky.

    Try a full format just to make sure there are no bad sectors on your hard drive. If all comes up clean then try a different XP disc.

    If that fails then go straight to jail. Do not pass go and do not collect £200. :w00t:

    Sounds like a damaged disc to me too. Clean it or try another disc. If all else fails you could always download ubuntu or similar and use that until you sort another windows disc out:oops:

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    cheers doing full format now and will try a diff disc after that, gonna search for ubuntu now to try that cos then will rule out any hard disk probs thanks

    It's either a poor write to the hard disk or a corrupted read from the CD. Do a full format of the disk and if you have any HD utilities, run them and check for damaged sectors. Also clean your CD. You can test the CD by copying it using a another PC and using the verify option.

    If you're planning on doing this to peoples machines, you should invest in a copy of "ultimate boot disk" which will let you boot to a RAM copy of XP from a CD and run utilities on the PC from there.

    You can get corrupt file messages from faulty RAM, if you have tried everything and it doesnt work, try removing 1 stick of RAM, then install, if you still get the error, put the RAM back and try take out the other stick.

    If you dont have 2 sticks of memory then borrow another stick to try it with from a friend.

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    cheers to all who helped , i did a full format, burnt a new xp disk and reseated the ram all at once so dunno which it was lol, seems to be installing ok now tho

    rep all round

    I think the first thing i would use id the Hiren's BootCD 9.6 there loads of tools on there, this what I use in my job ( repairing laptops) thats got mem checker hdd tester, k/board tester and other tools or you could use win pe sata and that wil boot from cdrom drv and load into an OS and this way you can the loads of othe stuff


    I Bet it was the Xp Cd

    Glad you got running ok
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