Xp on Acer aspire One Linux.


    I would like to put Xp on my acer aspire one netbook.

    Got an XP disc in a CD Drive connected to the Netbook,

    i press F12 and press boot from Cd, but it just goes on the linux home.

    Please help


    Is F12 the appropriate key for that machine and are you pressing it at the right time? It's best to press it lots of times just to make sure.

    Original Poster

    Yes beacuse when i press it, it says where do you want to boot from

    You are switching the laptop off and rebooting aren't you?

    What xp disc have you got?

    You could always download ]Windows 7 and try that.

    maybe try boot from USB? it might be seeing the cdrom drive as a usb device. that's all i can really think of.

    do you have another machine you can try booting the xp disc on? just to check it is bootable.

    try restart then press F8 then select boot from cd
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