XP or Vista

    ive got both XP and Vista on disk however ive never used vista before. im thinking of possibly upgrading to vista but not really sure on the differences. the Pc is pretty pap to be honest but its all ive got for now so.

    which is better for my machine? XP or Vista

    1gb Ram
    Intel Celeron 2.50ghz
    Radeon 9550 Graphics

    And i dont want to be buying windows 7 before any says that lol



    dont bother with vista! stick with xp!

    You setup would struggle a bit with vista ,It would be quite a bit slower than XP,

    XP all the way, + 1Gb RAM is not really enough to run vista.

    Definitley XP


    dont bother with vista! stick with xp!

    +1 Uninstalled vista

    hi we have 4 laptops in total in our house 2 are XP and the other 2 vista. we have never had any problems with the XP ones as for the vista both laptops are only 12 months old and we have had nothing but problems infact my laptop hasnt worked properley and now needs the orignal passwork for pc world to even start up again. so stick with XP.

    xp. Vista will struggle on that set up and it needs constant attention! Vista is pap...7 is pretty good though...

    if it wasnt such a pain with all the stuff i have on my laptop id uninstall vista and go to xp! its rubbish!

    XP without any doubt:). Even if your laptop specs were better I would recommend XP. Vista is crap.

    Original Poster

    ok cheers for the advice, ill stick with XP then

    With that setup, Stick with XP, However I must say Vista gets a bit of unfair bad rep to be honest.

    In my opinion Vista is loads better than XP, I used to have to reformat constantly with XP as it quickly becomes laggy and slow.

    I only had to reformat once a twice with Vista and naturally yes it requires more system resources than XP, But it utilizes any spare power better than XP.

    The problems were people were installing Vista on too low spec pc's, Plus initially their was a lack of system drivers for a lot of hardware so folk were struggling with compatibility problems.

    Over the years though many drivers have been updated.

    Windows 7 is successful because most drivers that are compatible with Vista are also compatible with Windows 7.

    It is also faster than Vista and uses less system resources than Vista.

    I'm currently running Windows 7 and yes overall it's great.
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