Found 24th Mar 2010
Just had a call from my lad, his pc's playing up.

When it starts up it's asking for logon ? But he's never set a password.

It's even asking in safe mode.
I'm guessing that something's corrupted somewhere.
He's just installed a dvd to avi prog but he had googled it first to make sure it wasn't filled with malware ect, so I'm hoping it not that. . .

He's tried 'restore last good' and that's not worked, does anyone know if there's a way of getting it to restore to a restore point from dos some how ?


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When it asks for a password don't put one in. Just press continue and away you go. That's what happened to mine anyway.

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Doesn't matter what he puts it just says 'saving settings' and drops back to the log on screen. . .


There are ways of getting round this problem, but before you go down that route, have you tried entering a "blank" password? i.e. just pressing the enter key?



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He doesn't get the option to enter anything.

He get the log in page with the names and those little pictures. He clicks on either his name or admin. It says 'saving settings' and drops back to the log on page. He never gets to the page where you'd enter a password !!

i think ]this is probably the problem
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