Xp /Xpmce/ Vista Premium ??????

Found 16th Aug 2007
Anyone advise me what to put on my new computer (bearing in mind i still haven't got a Keyboard yet that will def work with Vista-anyone know anything about the silver aluminium Advent one ?) i know my copier and printer will work with vista -film scanner wont ! Heard thee are lots os issues in software too - any advise please?
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wonder why no-one wants to advise ??
and only one person could help on compatible keyboards too !!???
Surely not too difficult a quest !?
XP - if you don't want the hassle of it Vista screwing up and endless faults.

XPMCE - depending what your linking your PC too, i.e. a 360, tv, etc.

Vista - can't speak for as I haven't used, but heard lots of pros & cons.
Just made the switch from XP Pro to Vista Home Premium - i love it. No bugs as yet, no compatibility issues, and a much better look than XP.
XP-MCE for me everytime.

Vista still isn't ready and shouldn't be on sale. XP is great, but looking a bit old now, XP MCE has a lot of the features of XP for handling media, without the bugs, and slowness.
First thing to consider is what spec is the new pc? That would be the deciding factor for me.
Also unless the keyboard in question is cordless then there should be no problems whatsoever, if you want a cordless keyboard then i'll try and help there too, although I dont rate them much.
i always said that when I got my Pc i would wait for the first service pack to come out.. for me at the moment Vista seems to be more hassle than it's worth, Just my opinion though... people say that Vista looks better... yes it does, and it has some cool features (i have played a round on my Grandparents laptop) but nothing to tempt me to upgrade yet.. although if i was buying a new pc i probably would get vista.
Thanks everyone- got Vista ( bought off here ) and happy with it.
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