XPERIA flashing a ROM help! rep for you for any help

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Found 13th Sep 2009
'Was just following the above thread to flash my x1, i was doing the hard spl thing....phone went into bootloader mood and everything...showd 0 percent progress, then gave an error phone is disconnected or sumthing.
i went in2 bootloader mode to find that my SPL details had changed and were like they were shown on the thread
does this mean i can go on to installing the rom now?
probaly not the best forum 2 ask on but need the help quick! rep added for help

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if the handset works and the bootloader is SPL-0.72.OliNex
then yes
(did you set usb to pc settings on phone to activesync not mas storeage)

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yes i did but it gave an error bootloader is as u said thx mate will ad rep :thumbsup:

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Mods Please expire thanks :thumbsup:

Expired @ OP's request.
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