Xperia X10 Rooted :)

    Well the x10 is my 4th android phone and the 1st that i was really desperate to get rooted, took a while but looks like its here!…273

    I've been following the progress for months, and unless bin4ry's account has been compromised its very unlikely to be a hoax, so hurrah for X10 users. Say hello to Eclair and Froyo in the coming weeks




    rooted means screwed in my vocab

    fancy a "root" love?

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    clickable: ]http//fo…273

    Well, i suppose you -could- do that if you wanted...

    I have mixed feelings over Android phones, they are great, especially when rooted but having owned one (got the HTC Hero) I couldnt settle for any other phone system now and thats the problem as they arent cheap phones!!

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    Yeah true that they can be a bit pricey, but so far i havnt seen a mobile OS that is as good. I havnt owned a blackberry mind, but i have used them and i wasnt impressed
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