Found 12th Apr 2011
I just wondered if there were any other xperteleven addicts on here?

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I was well into this a few years ago at uni! Completely forgot about it though - might be tempted to have another stab at it - always used to forget when the games where though

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I'm not sure if you could before or not, but you can set games up in advance now so you don't have to worry about forgetting!

Me and my Team at work are addicts lol
breaks up every monday and thursday :-)

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It does

Do you have an official team aswell? Which division?

got one going from when i was at college, just get the assistant manager to pick the teams now and only lost 3 games in the season, second place and only beaten on gd by 1 goal. going up a division


It does :)Do you have an official team aswell? Which division?

No official team, we run our own league

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I have one team in the official league and then 3 private leagues at the minute. It takes a bit of looking after with that many!

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If anybody wants to join a league or 2 - let me know
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